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How to link to other versions

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How to link to other versions

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Occasionally it is necessary to link to the main version of Wikitravel or possibly one of the other languages Wikitravel is in. To do so please follow the following steps.

Linking to EN[edit]

1. - Linking to another Wikitravel Shared article requires the following wiki markup - [[articlename]] or if linking to another Wikitravel Shared user's user page [[User:username]].

2. If you need to link to an English Wikitravel article you have to use the following wiki markup - [[:EN:articlename|article]] or if linking to an English Wikitravel user's user page [[:EN:User:username|username]]. Linking to an English Wikitravel user page will look like this - English version Main Page.

Linking to other languages[edit]

Linking to the other language versions of Wikitravel require the same process as above, but requires replacing the "EN" in the link with the respective two letter abbreviation of the language you wish to link to.

Two letter abbreviations for other Wikitravel language versions:

  • DE - German
  • EN - English
  • ES - Spanish
  • FR - French
  • IT - Italian
  • JA - Japanese
  • NL - Dutch
  • PL - Polish
  • PT - Portuguese
  • RO - Romanian
  • RU - Russian
  • SV - Swedish