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You can edit any article on Wikitravel by clicking the edit link. You'll get a browser text-entry box with the current contents of the page formatted in Wiki markup.

You can modify the page however you want, but anything you add must be compatible with the Wikitravel copyleft. It helps the rest of us if you follow our Policies and guidelines and manual of style, but don't let that stop you from plunging forward. It's more important that you add something than that you do it perfectly.

To see what your changes will look like, hit the Show preview button, which will not save the page. Do a preview just before saving the page, to make sure your changes look right. When you're happy with the changes, hit the Save page button to save the page.

You can cancel your edits by clicking the Cancel link, and of course Editing help brings you here.

Beneath the article editing text box is a short field labelled Summary. This is for putting a short note about what you've done to an article, such as "added Ao Shai To hotel details" or "spelling 'miserible' -> 'miserable'" or "took out obsolete detour directions to Spanish Steps". It can be helpful for people who are looking at the Recent changes or Page history pages to quickly see what you did.

If you are logged in to a user account there will be a This is a minor edit checkbox for marking your changes as "minor". The idea with this is that people reviewing page history or recent changes can filter out unimportant changes. It's up to you to determine what makes your changes "minor" -- usually, spelling corrections, grammar, or formatting changes are "minor", and changes to the real information on a page are not.

The Watch this article checkbox puts this article on your watchlist. Any changes to the article, or to the article's talk page, by you or anyone else will show up in your watchlist, so you can keep an eye on the article.

The default setting -- whether these checkboxes are checked or not by default -- can be set in your user preferences.

Many of the country pages have significant chunks (the entire page in some cases) imported from the CIA World Factbook 2002. This means that when you edit these pages you see a lot of confusing HTML. Do not be intimidated by this, just leave it and put your own contribution on top of it using the normal Wiki markup method.

See also: Wiki markup, Help, manual of style