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Deletion policy

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Deletion policy

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Not everything belongs in Wikitravel. We will frequently have to delete work from Wikitravel; this policy defines why and how we do that.

Reasons to delete articles[edit]

Articles do not belong on the Wikitravel Shared site. All articles belong on the various language versions of Wikitravel. Wikitravel Shared site is for images and maps only.

Reasons to delete images[edit]

Unlike articles, images and other media can not easily be edited within the Wiki. For this reason, it is more reasonable to delete them than articles.

Reasons for deletion[edit]

  • Copyright violations. A great tool for checking for these is Tineye [1].
  • Privacy rights violations. Photographers submitting pictures with recognizable people in them are responsible for getting model releases from the subjects of the photos. If they haven't, we may need to delete the photo.
  • Images that do not help the Wikitravel project. Obviously images of your uncle's birthday party don't help illustrate the character of a destination or attraction, so they don't belong on Wikitravel Shared or any Wikitravel language version. Likewise, we don't need a bunch of low-quality images if we already have one good-quality image of the same subject.

Not reasons for deletion[edit]

The following are not considered reasons for deletion.

  • The image doesn't show the destination in a good light. Not all destinations, or all parts of some destinations, are attractive. The "be fair" policy applies to images as well: as long as the image is accurate, it should be kept.
  • The image is orphaned; that is, the image isn't used in any articles. While we intend that our images will be used for supporting articles, an image that is currently orphaned may still be able to be used in the future. (Besides, there is currently no easy way to determine if an image on Shared is orphaned project-wide or not.)

Deletion procedure[edit]

To delete an article or image, a contributor should do any preparatory work (like orphaning an image, or combining the article with one it duplicates) and then put a link to the article or image on the votes for deletion page. It is also helpful to put a notification on the page that it's under discussion for deletion; adding {{vfd}} will put in a stock message. Other contributors can discuss whether the article or image should be deleted. After fourteen (14) days of discussion, if a consensus is reached to retain an article, it will not be deleted. Otherwise it will be deleted by an administrator. Please note that deleted images can NOT be restored.

Pages in a user's namespace (User:Foobar/MyPage) can be deleted by any administrator immediately upon the user's own request, but such requests should still be posted to votes for deletion. The standard procedure applies if somebody other than the owner requests deletion.

Speedy deletion[edit]

Administrators may also, at their discretion, delete obviously inappropriate articles and images:

  • Articles or travel topics, as they belong on the various Wikitravel language versions, not on Wikitravel Shared. Before deletion, content should be salvaged from these articles and placed in the language-appropriate Wikitravel article.
  • Images that are blatant copyright violations from commercial sites that clearly attest copyright. Examples include copyrighted maps and commercial PR materials. The deleting admin must provide the source URL.

If there is any doubt whether the criteria above apply, or any chance that an image could be considered useful, they should go through the deletion voting procedure.

To contest a speedy deletion, raise the issue on Votes for undeletion.

Undeletion procedure[edit]

It may occur from time to time that we delete an article by mistake - that is, that the article doesn't actually meet the standards for deleting articles listed above. In this case, a contributor should link to the page on Votes for undeletion, with an explanation of why the deletion wasn't in accordance with the deletion policy. After fourteen (14) days of discussion, if a consensus arises that the page was deleted unnecessarily, then an administrator should reinstate the page. Otherwise, the page will stay deleted. Again, please note - an image which has been deleted can not be restored.