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Autoconfirmed users are Wikitravellers that have had their account registered for 30+ days. There is presently no other way to obtain this status.


Autoconfirmed users have three privileges not available to anonymous and newly registered users:

  1. The ability to move (rename) pages.
  2. The ability to mark edits as patrolled. If you are newly autoconfirmed and looking at special:recentchanges, you may notice exclamation points next to some changes. Click "diff" or "X changes" to compare the old version with the new. At the top right of the comparison will be a link, [Mark as patrolled]. By clicking this link, you mark the change "patrolled," and the exclamation mark on special:recentchanges will disappear.
  3. Autopatrolled editing. Autoconfirmed users edits are automatically logged as "patrolled," as veteran Wikitravellers are less likely to need help with formatting and following policies!

See also[edit]

See also: en:Wikitravel:Recent changes patrol.