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Wikitravel Shared:30 November 2006

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OpenID libraries upgraded[edit]

So, I've upgraded the OpenID libraries on Wikitravel so that they now support the new OpenID 2.0 standard. That's pretty much neither here nor there for anyone, but there were also some security fixes and general bug improvements, so the upgrade is complete.

Part of the upgrade is that we now support i-names, a competitive single-signon solution that's become part of the OpenID 2.0 spec. Not every i-name works yet -- apparently i-names from 2idi don't yet support the OpenID 2.0 standard -- but I've been able to log on with my free i-name, @gratis*evan.prodromou. If you want to experiment with i-names, feel free to request one at @gratis. --Evan 22:59, 29 November 2006 (EST)

UN/LOCODE categories uploading[edit]

After a long time in the review site, the categories from the UN/LOCODE hierarchy are now being uploaded to shared: by User:LOCODEbot. The categorizations aren't perfect -- many countries don't have an intermediate level between country and city, for example -- but they're a good start for seeding information. The bot is uploading at a slightly faster rate that is 100% kosher -- 3-4 writes/minute -- so that the process of updating goes a little quicker. Even so, it's going to be about 5-10 days before the process is complete. --Evan 16:12, 30 November 2006 (EST)