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Wikitravel Shared:30 May 2007

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We're slowly moving some of the static files on Wikitravel from our one Web server to using the Akamai network for content delivery. Akamai is a Content Delivery Network; a world-wide distributed cache that shortens the path for delivering files while offloading some pointless tasks from our servers.

Right now we're using Akamai just for CSS, JavaScript, and the "skin" images like the logo, bullet-points, and some other teensy images. At some point, we're going to switch to using Akamai for all images -- including user-uploaded images -- but we need to make sure that the global cache gets updated when you upload a new version of a file. So that's going to take a little while.

The upshot is that you should see some performance improvements today*, and more improvements soon. --Evan 23:35, 29 May 2007 (EDT)

  • You may be seeing some performance problems if you're reading this around 3AM-4AM UTC 30 May. I had to clear the cache for the Akamaization to take effect, and that meant some lower performance for a few minutes.