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Wikitravel Shared:How to create a user account

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After being a Wikitraveller for a while, you may want to create a user account to give yourself some identity on the system. Wikitravellers with user accounts get a User page, and their user name is used for page histories. They also have the ability to mark their changes as minor and can add pages to a watchlist.

You can set up a user account by following the Log in link on (practically) any page on Wikitravel Shared.

You'll need to choose a user name for yourself. This should be short, unique, and preferably not obscene. It can have letters and numbers, but no spaces or punctuation marks. Some good choices might be your first name ("Bob") or your first and last name run together ("BobSmith"). Enter the user name in the Your User Name slot.

You also need a password. Choose a strong password with letters, numbers, and punctuation characters. Please don't use a password that you use for other Web sites or programs. Enter your new password in the fields labelled Your password and Retype password.

Optionally, enter an email address where you can be reached in the Your e-mail field. This is entirely optional, but can be helpful if other users want to send you email through Wikitravel. On extremely rare occasions, Wikitravel Shared Administrators may need to contact you, and having your email helps. See our Privacy policy for more info.

Also optionally, you can enter your "real name". This will be the name used to for crediting you for your work on Wikitravel Shared. If you don't want to have your real name shown, just leave this blank, and your user name will be used for credits instead.

Once you have a user account set up, you may want to use the Preferences page to customize the way Wikitravel Shared behaves for you.