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Hello Edmontonenthusiast! Welcome to Wikitravel Shared. Please take a second to look at our copyleft and image policy, but feel free to plunge forward and add some images. If you need help, check out the help desk or post a message in the travellers' pub.

I see you are uploading images from OSM data marked as being in the public domain. That is not possible, because all OSM data is licensed under CC ShareAlike 2.0. Please see How to upload files, and please do not upload files when you do not know their licensing status. --Peter Talk 17:07, 9 November 2008 (EST)

Heheehehehe, a little late for that, hahaahhaha! Thank you anyways! Sorry I clicked the wrong one, next time I will do the Alike 2.0, thank you for that! Kisses, Edmontonenthusiast-OK haha I should not do that one, Keep smiling, Edmontonenthusiast 20:32, 10 November 2008 (EST).

Are my pictures any good?[edit]

Are my pictures any good ,especially the last few revisions-I am thinking they look like crap. Errgh, I don't know. Happy first day of snow in Edmonton, Edmontonenthusiast 15:09, 11 November 2008 (EST).

Re:you would[edit]

I'm afraid the answers are all there in your talk page already. You have not heeded the advice already given. You continue to ask loads of questions, fiddle with the cotm and dotm pages, constantly cry out for attention, or try to make friends or enemies instead of travel articles, try to engage in conversations about people's response to you personally rather than the contributions you make, taking everything as a personal attack and responding with a lot of "why me why me everybody hates me boo hoo you're so mean" type bullshit. You still try to drag every conversation out longer and longer instead of reading carefully and trying to understand what's already been said, and lately it has been conversations about your own behavior which you drag out longer and longer and the community has simply had enough. Telling you to shut up and work on the articles you do best does not seem to work, and if you continue to slander our best contributors, I'll start blocking you too. Have you ever done something and had your parents tell you to go to your room and think about it? This is a good time to do just that. Get off the computer for a while and think about it until you can understand why everyone gets so frustrated with you. Texugo 19:48, 8 December 2008 (EST)

Well, finally a response! Thank you. What do you mean by fiddle? I recently changed some of the Dotm schedule because there have been too many Asian ones, I made a few mistakes. Also, what is wrong with Dotm/Cotm noms? I do not cry out for attention, by the way, I don't see where you get that. I do try to make good travel articles (Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Seattle, Edmonton, Alberta, canada), but what is the harm in meeting a few people in the process? Well I am sorry, some of the stuff feels like a personal attack, I mean why is Peterfitzgerald being so ignorant? I have made questions and they are reverted. Some questions about what is going on with new users (their work was deleted) is unaswered - Stefan found out - but he did not tell the people. How do I drag conversations, I do not understand. I don't want to just work on articles - I would like to fairly be apart of the community - but obviously, I suppose, that can't happen. Just because they are our best contributers does not mean they are immune to being mean or divine. You know, I have thought about it, each time I was banned, but despite me calming down, I still didn't get it. Also, like I have said, banning me makes me more ticked. It just feels like you all want me to go. The 1 day ban, was unreasonable and it is out of hand. I would like this resolved because this is crazy. People also said (PETER) that people should not delete comments from their talk page. Why does he get to delete it like that? He has seemed to throw away one of our new users, ScorpionKing, which from my remembering is the biggest sin in town. I donno. I have made opinions in different pages, but they get blocked and my message reverted (Difficult users). I don't know. Edmontonenthusiast 19:58, 8 December 2008 (EST).
Obviously you don't seem to understand much, but as I stated, the answers are all there on your talk page. In a nutshell, you talk too damn much and we wish you'd shut up and work quietly on travel articles until you get a sense of how the place works. Which will take months not days. Texugo 20:07, 8 December 2008 (EST)
I do understand what you are saying totally. I still have some points that I don't get though, like Scorpion King and what is wrong with the Dotm stuff, I know isn't in my talk page. What is wrong with talking? I always hear it is bad to be antisocial! That comment is very rude, no matter how you spin it. You do know though, if I left this site forever, people would rejoice, which I find very disheartening - but wait, that is a touch off topic, sorry. I don't really get why it is bad to be active in the community and discuss things? I know most new people don't, but why not? I mean, it is all a learning process. Why can't I help people? Why can't I discuss things? Why can't I bring up things? I gotta say, the harshness by jans lately to me is unbelieveable - no offense - but Sertmann has given me rude remarks, Peter ignoring me, and you also giving rude remarks. I don't understand why - why can you break the rules about being nice but when I do the FBI comes out? Edmontonenthusiast 20:12, 8 December 2008 (EST).
You discuss things way way more than anyone else, you discuss everything including the things you don't understand, you bring up far far more new threads and topics and suggestions and questions than anyone ever has, and by doing so you cause an enormous disruption to the way this site usually flows. You have been told repeatedly to chill out and slow down but have really showed no signs of progress in that regard. I don't think there is much more to say to you. Texugo 20:24, 8 December 2008 (EST)
Again, why is the discussion of rudeness, my ban being too harsh, ScorpionKing, ignored? I don't get it. Do people want to avoid it because they know? I don't create a lot of new pages, to be honest. I do not know one topic that has been bad that I created! I just don't see me being a problem. So what if i talk lots - so? Maybe it is a good thing. Maybe Wikitravel should change and be less antisocial, not direceted at anyone. By the way, thanks for actually talking to me!Edmontonenthusiast 20:29, 8 December 2008 (EST).
ScorpionKing was a troll that uses many different user names that Peter has been familiar with for a long time. It's not important to this conversation. Please look, because there you go again, look at yourself! Essentially, you always do this:
Many longtime contributors: You talk too much and don't think enough before you talk. It's a bad, disruptive thing.
Edmontonenthusiast: I don't get it. Maybe talking lots is a good thing.
Many longtime contributors: Don't take stuff personally.
Edmontonenthusiast: I tend to take stuff personally.
Many longtime contributors: This is not a social networking site.
Edmontonenthusiast: Maybe this site should be more social.
Many longtime contributors: Cut the whiny "everybody hates me" attitude.
Edmontonenthusiast: Waaaaaaahhhh, why does everybody hate me?
These exact kinds of dialog has popped up in innumerable conversations you have had with many other users and it takes up lots of space and is distracting from the goal of the site. This kind of back and forth crap is a complete waste of time which doesn't get us anywhere, as you slip directly into defensive mode and nothing seems to enter your skull. We've tried being nice, we've rephrased the advice in a hundred different ways, and now people get more and more rude with you as time goes by because they are increasingly frustrated and you still don't get the damn point. If we come off as being rude it is justified by your month and a half of thick-headedness we have had to endure. How the hell else are we supposed to get the point across? Texugo 20:55, 8 December 2008 (EST)
You don't need to put it like that and you have made it look worse than it is. I never said "I tend to take stuff personally", I just say I have taken stuff personally. I didn't say maybe - talking is a good thing, it lets things out and gives you a voice. Texugo, I understand the rudeness as I would do the same, but if you look at a particular case:
Edmontonenthusiast: Are these images worthy of being in a article?
Texugo: They have bad lighting and you aren't getting it at a good time. They are all not good at all.
That comment makes me ticked. Why? You don't explain a lot of of times (sometimes, yes) and just bluntly say they are horrible - thats not nice.
Local hero: i have to agree, they aren't too good. that one is okay, i mean, it could work. i think they are done right, but the lighting is needed to be better.
That was a fair comment and I accept it much better. Why? It was said nicely, and Local hero has always been polite, no kid.
Shaund: Sorry I have to agree. Aside from that one, they aren't too good. Sorry, I am just realllly picky but don't take it personally!
That is by far a great comment. He made sure my feelings were not hurt and was extremely polite and yet gave his honest opinion.
Now, I don't mean to turn this on you, but this is an example. I would have replied negativily towards you as you were harsh and this would be a rucus. but lh and shaunds comments changed that because they were nice. You guys should try being nice again because maybe I will actually take it because it shows you care and only want to help and don't mean it poorly. That is what I am saying. When people are nice, I really take it in. A lot of Shaunds comments I re-read because I feel they are important because he was nice. Rude comments I usually skim or look once, rarely twice because it shows they don't really care and are just annoyed. I value peoples opinions more when they have never bad talked or made me feel horrid. Hope you see my point :). Edmontonenthusiast 21:11, 8 December 2008 (EST).
Honestly I haven't made it look worse than it is-- in reality, your case is the biggest problem I have seen in the 2 1/2 years I have frequented this site. And you have proven my point again. I feel silly that I'm continuing to even try talking to you. Yes, talking can be good sometimes in some situations, but posting incessantly like you do is not good for this website. We have a limited number of regular contributors whose time you are diverting from writing good travel guides to squabbling about dumb shit. And we are not here for you to "let things out"-- you have been told repeatedly that this is not a therapy room.
What you got there above were opinions that you asked for, and which were in absolutely no way rude, and which you chose and continue to choose to take personally for no reason. If my opinion of the photos happened to be less favorable than others' opinions, whatever. It was an honest opinion and I stick by it, and it has nothing to do with you personally and everything to do with the photo itself. An appropriate response might have been oh really? you think so? The fact that you continually ask and ask and ask for feedback yet choose to pay attention only to positive criticism and reject any negative criticism, rather than weighing everything equally, indicates that you are not actually asking for opinions but, rather, trolling for praise. You shouldn't expect anyone to sugarcoat everything because it's not about you and your feelings. You have no absolutely no right to feel horrid and insist on "better treatment" just because someone didn't like your photo. Texugo 01:46, 9 December 2008 (EST)
Why don't you just have an open mind Texugo about my side of it. So what if I am diverting? If they don't want to talk - then they don't. Most people who are regularily on this site don't even do travel guides anyways - revert, patroll, discussion, etc. - not actual articles. I didn't mean that this site is where you let your feelings out, I just saying that is a good thing of talking. I know it isn't a therapy session, I am not dumb, and you shouldn't be so rude of it. I do take things personally - ok - who cares? I am, that is just it! Accept it or don't. Whatever. I do not mean your opinion is less favourable, everyones is important - I am serious. But the tone you used could be nicer - maybe you just don't take things the way I do - but I take them differently. I don't mean you can't not like them, but you should be nicer, as the other 2 people did - be a little sensitve, I suppose. I think you should look into constructive criticism over negative critisism. I didnt mean this to be turnt on you, but it has. I am not trolling for praise, why do you keep thinking I am a troll? I have every right to be feeling whatever - this is the internet - and I am a citisen of Canada - I can have whatever feelings. I don't insist better treatment, I just say you should look into it. I accept you don't like my photography- again, I like your opinion, but try to be a little bit nicer. Thanks a lot dearry! --EdmontonEnthusiast .
Why don't you just have an open mind Texugo about my side of it.
You have been given every every chance already.
So what if I am diverting?
It is destructive to the site, that's what.
Most people who are regularily on this site don't even do travel guides anyways - revert, patroll, discussion, etc. - not actual articles.
You haven't been here long enough to know.
bla bla bla bla bla I am, that is just it! I have every right to be feeling whatever
Please keep who you are to yourself. This isn't a place where expressing your personality and spouting your feeling have intrinsic value. Who you are has been unbelievably, extraordinarily overbearing and needy.
I think you should look into constructive criticism over negative critisism.
I don't think you understand these terms.
  • Constructive criticism gives you something to work on: The lighting is bad/The colors are washed out/You should go out when there is more light.
  • Negative criticism doesn't: Your photography sucks/This is the crappiest photo I've ever seen/What were you thinking?
What you seem to want is regular doses of candy sweet encouragement packaged with every comment, and every time you don't get it you start whining all over the site. What I said was not rude, mean or overly negative. It was simply objective. Same comments I would make if the photo was posted by a long-time user, or by an anonymous user, or if I saw it on another website, or if it came flying out of a pig's ass and smacked me in the ear. And the comments were directed at the specific pictures you asked about, not at your photography as a whole. When you've had pictures I thought were good, I have said so.
I just saying that is a good thing of talking
When everyone around is telling you that you talk too much, that they are tired of dealing with responding to you, that you should quiet down, how in the world can you keep saying it's a good thing to keep talking so much? How. In. The. World? If talking were in itself a good thing, you would be the most loved user here. Since day one you have been overly inquisitive and overbearingly talkative. Please go look up the word "overbearing" again, and realize that it does apply to you.
Texugo 22:33, 9 December 2008 (EST)
Alright - time to reply. What does given every chance have to do with you not seeing my side? I do not see how being talkative is destructive. In every other website, it is encouraged to talk, why, in very particular, this one is the exception? Texugo, I know people like Peter, Gorilla, Caca, etc. have made wonderful contributions, what I am saying is they aren't 'now'. So on this website, you cannot have feelings? Is it like against the law? It is illegal for someone to feel bad if someone doesn't like your photo? It is illegal wehn someone does a favour and you are excited? Come on. I hope you realise, when I made the example of the photos, I wasn't talking of that one time, I was talking of all them. Everyones comments on that one were constructive critisism. Fine. I don't have a big deal. The problem was that your constructive critisism was much more harsh. Your comment was slightly rude. I dont need the best comments like ever, but it would be nice if they werent rude. When I get upset over something, I don't go crazy across the site because of it or anything. Thoug, ususuually something else gets me mad, and it snowballs. Why is this the only site that is anti social? I dont get it! Sorry for being included in the community. Sorry I am not the robots of usual newbs that you have - like oh my gosh - one actually gets involved and questions -- eeeck! Com on. Hope that is clear! Again, this is getting too involved on you, which I didnt want and I hope you arent mad. --EE.

Public domain[edit]

Hey EE, just wanted to clarify something for you, I noticed on this image that in the description you put "released into PD by ccbysa license"... those are very different things. Public domain means anyone can use it for any reason and in any way without crediting the author. CC-by-SA on the otherhand requires you to attribute the author and redistribute it with the same license. In other words, remove the PD part on that and any other images you've uploaded with that wording :) Thanks – cacahuate talk 00:21, 15 December 2008 (EST)

Oh ok, I'll get to that , WHUPS. Edmontonenthusiast 20:10, 15 December 2008 (EST).