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Amsterdam crime map[edit]

Hello Barendnu,

I see you have updated the Amsterdam-unsafety-map.png, which has been in good faith. I have used the old numbers, and it seems logical to update them to the new 2009 statistics. However, now the whole map is green, which kind of makes it useless for travellers to see which area is safe and which isn't. It also implies the center is unsafe while Slotervaart and Bijlmer are safer, this is absolutely crazy.

If we were to use the 2009 statistics, we would have to make a new divide between red, orange, light green and dark green to show which areas are safe and which aren't. The problem with the 2009 statistics is that they are all green, because they show how much it has improved since 2003. That's why they all turn out green, as the situation has improved in all neighborhoods except in Amsterdam Center. This "bias" to Amsterdam Center must somehow be eliminated, as it is not unsafe for travellers to go there. --globe-trotter 07:18, 11 January 2011 (EST)

With this explanation, I do agree with you. Maybe it's a good idea to show this explanation (or simply the notice that the map shows 'relatively unsafe neighborhoods') in the image description. --Barendnu 15:53, 19 Februari 2011 (EST)