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Over the years, I've used a huge variety of IPs (starting with more than ten years ago). However, editing as an IP lately on the English language version I was getting more and more annoyed by the increasingly difficult to solve captchas (that, irritatingly, the spam robots seem to be able to solve without the difficulty I have!) so I decided to create this account name.

I also edit other Wikis (but not using this user name).

To make life easier and less convoluted with pronoun use, "he" and "his" is more appropriate for me. Apart from that declaration,
and like User:Nurg (who probably beats me in the longevity stakes, since I think he started editing Wikitravel as an IP 3 months or so before this edit which he will probably admit to),
I very much value my anonymity.

I've visited most countries at least once - but never Antarctica or Ecuador...