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This is a list over all open bug reports prior to July 1, 2012

Bug Date reported Suggested action (close/investigate) Comment
Should you want to comment on a ticket, use the ticket talk page, not this table!
Comment/deadline as given by Internet Brands
Tech:"Are you human" broken with javascript off July 24, 2007 Investigate
Tech:"Broken" shared:/special: redirects Sept 9, 2009 Investigate
Tech:Article pages not valid XHTML May 27, 2007 Investigate
Tech:Breadcrumb navigation comes and goes Aug 13, 2006 Close
Tech:Breadcrumb navigation does not display on redirected pages Aug 13, 2006 Close
Tech:Breadcrumb navigation should use RDF first Aug 13, 2006 Close
Tech:Breadcrumbs not working on pt: June 26, 2012 Investigate Post-upgrade issue
Tech:Cache not clearing after editing Sept 25, 2008 Investigate
Tech:Database lock timeout June 29, 2012 Investigate Post-upgrade issue
Tech:EditListing script fails on non-ASCII characters in some fields March 13, 2009 Investigate
Tech:Endless loop redirect on iOS causes site to be inaccessible June 15, 2012 Investigate Post-upgrade issue
Tech:Export/Import features errors Dec 15, 2006 Close
Tech:Geo code not showing Dec 29, 2008 Investigate
Tech:Google OpenID login failure Sept 5, 2010 Investigate
Tech:Grouped edits not patrollable June 28, 2012 Investigate Post-upgrade issue
Tech:Image displayed incorrectly after size change Aug 13, 2006 Close
Tech:Inadvertant Log-off Jan 21, 2011 Investigate
Tech:Initial errors on Korean version Oct 22, 2009 Close Post-launch errors. Close and report separately if any of the problems are still there
Tech:Invalid Tag Name error March 24, 2012 Investigate
Tech:Listing editor interacts poorly with HTML comments Oct 18, 2010 Investigate
Tech:Listing templates don't work on es: June 28, 2012 Investigate Post-upgrade issue
Tech:ListingEditor cannot handle the value of name field in non-ASCII characters June 15, 2009 Investigate
Tech:Listings editor breaks when section headers contain spaces Oct 4, 2009 Investigate
Tech:Mobile page view doesn't seem to work anymore June 13, 2012 Investigate Post-upgrade issue
Tech:Mobile site fixes Sept 20, 2011 Investigate
Tech:Nav menu falls to bottom left on Firefox March 30, 2009 Investigate
Tech:Old News not accessible Jan 9, 2010 Investigate
Tech:Open Id authentication not working March 2, 2007 Investigate
Tech:Personal links Feb 1, 2009 Investigate

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