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I tried sending this note to the [email protected] but it was returned to me. I am posting it here in hopes the corect person or persons will see it and may be able to help or point me in the right direction as to what may be possible. I also just posted through the Internet Brands form mail.

To whom it may concern.

We are in the process of creating a new zope/plone home exchange website. It will be an international site that will allow members to exchange homes and cars at no cost for vacations. It will be quite unlike current home exchange sites. If we could incorporate the xml content and images of the wikitravel it would be a great benefit to our members. The wikitravel concept of travel information sharing fits in well with the spirit of home exchanging.

I believe collaborating would also be a benefit to the wikitravel site and Internet Brands. Here's why: Amongst regular travelers perhaps only 1 in a 100 (my guess) would add content to the travel wiki. Most travelers just use it to get information before they go. Only die hard travelers into sharing add content when they return. This is a limiting factor for the current wiki. Browsing around I have noticed a relatively small number of active contributers have created the a large portion of the current content.

A home exchange member is different. In order to get a home exchange they need to promote their home, their town and state/region. If the exchanger lives in Paris or London it is easy for them, if they live in less touristy places they need to promote it to attract a good exchange. This is where the travel wiki comes in .

When a new home exchange member signs up I would like to add direct links or embedded pages to the "edit" Wikitravel pages for their home town , region and country. (or could this be done with a bot or shared database conection?) If they wanted to add or edit they could, it would be optional but encouraged. Home exchanges will come from all parts of the world. It seems like the wikitravel site is well filled out in popular destinations. Quieter towns and cities have only outlines or are not listed. I think we can help fill this gap with quality local knowledge. With a greater number high quality wikitravel pages and wider coverage Internet Brands will receive greater potential revenue at no additional cost.

Ideally our members would update their pages live into the travelwiki database. Then on a regular basis (daily, weekly or ? depending on usage) we would update the data base on our site as served on our members pages.

I am not one of the programmers working on this project. If you have technical questions I can pass them on to them. Otherwise I would have no problem with complying with the following three items;

 1. Giving attribution to the authors of the article.
 2. Making any derivative works available under the same license.
 3. Notifying readers and other users of the license.

Other notes: We intend to use the same Creative Commons Attribution- Share Alike license. We are also not asking for cross linking or promotion of our site on wikitravel. (although it would be nice)

It is early days in the development of our site. We are looking at about 3 months till it is ready to launch. If regular xml database dumps and collaboration are not possible I will be forking the current database and starting my own. Unfortunately that is a one way decision, it will be impractical to combine after that point without a huge amount of hand editing. That is why I am giving it a shot right now.

In summary collaborating and combining the input from wilki and wikitravel will improve the quality and quantity of useful information on both sites. To me it looks like a win win situation at very little cost to Internet Brands. If my site withers on the vine you have lost nothing . If it does great we both benefit.

If you have any questions please ask. Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Grant Calverley (comming soon)

work phone 360-378-6186 pacific time USA

grant at sanjuantimberframes dot com