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Lage von Hamburg


Lage von Paris


The template PositonMap generates a map with a red dot marking the position of the location of a place on this map.
{{PositionMap| <country code> | <latitude> | <longitude> | <place name> | <width>}}
  • country code → defines which map to use. See table further down.
  • latitude → the geographical latitude of the place to mark...
  • longitude → the geographical longitude of the place to mark...
    ... in decimal notation, e.g. "45.5" not "45 30 00". For southern and western coordinates use negativ numbers, "-73.6", not "73.6W". If you want to use the usual degree/minutes/seconds notation, use the Template:Deg2Dec (see example).
  • place name → the name of the place. It appears if you point with your mouse cursor over the red dot. In a later version of this template it might appear under the red dot, too.
  • width → width of the map in px, but do not add "px"! Optional, default is 300px
{{PositionMap| FR | 48.86 | 2.33 | Paris | 200}}
{{PositionMap| DE | {{Deg2Dec|53|33|0|N}} | {{Deg2Dec|10|0|0|E}} | Hamburg | 200}}

valid country codes[edit]


Code Country Map Code Country Map
DE Germany Germany map modern.png FR France France map modern.png
AT Austria Austria map modern.png IT Italy Italy map modern.png
ES Spain Spain map modern.png GR Greece Greece map modern.png
CH Switzerland Switzerland map modern.png PL Poland Poland map modern with voivodeships.png
BA Bosnia and
Bosnia-Herzegovina map modern.png


Code Land Karte Code Land Karte
US USA Continental U.S.PNG BZ Belize Map of Belize Demis.png

...and more to come.

If you want to add another map add an entry to the switch-statement below (you can only see it if you edit this page). For an explaination of the parameters see Template:PositionMap_general.