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Tech:Wrong license in footer

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What happens[edit]

After the license version upgrade from CC-by-sa 1.0 to CC-by-sa 3.0, the license information displayed in the pages' footers has not yet been updated. I do regard this as a critical bug since license information should be judically reliabale.

When it happens[edit]

Always on all wikis. Only shared: and en: display the correct license text, but even here the link behind the CC-by-sa icon is wrong.

What should happen[edit]

  1. The license text should be the name of the correct license, i.e "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0" or the localized name on non-English language versions, respectively.
  2. The link behind the CC-by-sa icon should point to the factsheed of the nationalized adaption of the CC-by-sa 3.0. See for which adaptions are available.

How to fix it[edit]

Edit LocalSettings.php for each wiki and adapt the PHP variables $wgRightsUrl (for the URL to the factsheet) and $wgRightsText for the license name to display.

This is probably all, but better check yourself.

Additional comments[edit]

This is urgent and easy to fix!

You also might consider to keep the CC-by-sa icon as a local copy on the server instead of linking to the Creative Commons server. If you want to do so, set $wgRightsIcon to the local URL of the icon.

--Hey guys, This is in the queue to be fixed. Thanks! Ibsteph 4:57 pm, 18 February,2010

--- This has been updated, please take this out of top bugs. Thanks! Ibsteph 11:15 am , 24 February, 2010

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