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Tech:When OpenID returns nickname that already exists, all options on the Finish OpenID login page try to search ChooseName

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What happens[edit]

I tried to create an account using my OpenID. My nickname matches a nickname that already exists. The Finish OpenID login page provides three radio button options and a text box to select a unique nickname. When I select any radio button or input a unique nickname and click login or cancel buttons, they all lead to a search page ( that indicates I searched on "ChooseName". ChooseName apparently does not exist.

When it happens[edit]

When attempting to select a unique name after a OpenID returned a non-unique nickname.

What should happen[edit]

I should be able to select one of the radio buttons

  • First button: the URL for my OpenID
  • Second button: the nickname (Bryan2) that was created based on my OpenID nickname "Bryan"
  • Third button/text box: enter a unique nickname.
  • Click login and have it search the nickname (I believe).
  • Click cancel and take me back to .... home page? Cancel also tries to search for ChooseName.

How to fix it[edit]

Additional comments[edit]

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--Bryan 00:41, 21 January 2010 (EST)