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Tech:URL encoding for Firefox is wrong

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What happens[edit]

  • in Firefox, if the URL name contains a special character (f.e. Ázsia), Wikitravel changes that special character to a questioon mark, (so it will redirect to "?zsia"). I don't think the problem lies in Firefox, because I don't have this in Wikipedia. But it doesn't seem to work either in other languages. For instance, if you type in Firefox:ânia, it doesn't match the right page. I don't have this bug in Internet Explor. I'll check if there is any talk about this topic in other languages of Wikitravel (i.e. in French or German, where this can be a serious problem, too.) --Strapontin 2006. október 8., 14:54 (EDT)
    • This occurs when the browser sends the URL address different from UTF-8.In Firefox on the about:config page you should change the network.standard-url.encode-utf8 parameter to true, so you can avoid it. --Tgr 2006. október 8., 17:02 (EDT)

When it happens[edit]

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