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Tech:Talk page exists but appears inexistent

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What happens[edit]

Go to Hebrew Wikitravel Expedition (or any other language expedition page with the accompanying talk page). Is the "discussion" tab brown (i.e. the talk page appears inexistent)? Well, click the tab and you'll find the page DOES exist.

Next, go to Talk:Hebrew Wikitravel Expedition directly. You can see the page and the "discussion" tab is, naturally, now blue!

When it happens[edit]

I have no idea in which page it happens, but I remember I saw it once somewhere else in Wikitravel.

What should happen[edit]

The "discussion" tab should be blue.

How to fix it[edit]

? --Episteme 20:25, 4 October 2006 (EDT)

This is a caching issue. If this happens, just purge the cache. You can do this by clicking on "edit" and in the URL replacing "action=edit" with "action=purge" e.g

Ravikiran r 03:25, 5 October 2006 (EDT)