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here's something that's been bugging me: I see that already lots of cities have a English page and a Romanian page, and even though I can't understand a word of Romanian, it's obvious that they are totally different. What does that Romanian page say ? Would it be possible to tweak the wiki software so someone viewing, say, the English version of [Paris] also sees the Romanian version in English ? (Either running it through Google or or some other translation software). Naturally, when I hit the Edit button, I would only be able to edit the English version, not the Romanian (or the on-the-fly-translated English version of the Romanian page). -- DavidCary
(I busted this out to a separate section). The way I've always thought of it, someone who understands both languages should try to keep the pages in sync. Some kind of automated translation tool would make that easier, though, I agree. --Evan 12:44, 26 Jan 2004 (EST)