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Tech:Page information functions

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Although one can see the number of views, date of last edit and number of bytes in a page from various Special Pages there does not appear to be a function that allows the statistics associated with a specific page to be shown on another page. Also no function tells me how many times a page has been edited or how many bytes a page has changed since the last edit. Thus I know a page may be popular but I do not know if it is being changed a lot.

For example:

{{VIEWS:$Page}} = Number of times a page has been viewed.
{{EDITS:$Page}} = Number of times a page has been edited.
{{BYTES:$Page}} = Number of Bytes in the page.
{{EDITDATE:$Page}} = Date (and time) of latest edit.
{{CREATEDATE:$Page}} = Date (and time) of first edit.

-- Huttite 07:23, 28 Apr 2004 (EDT)