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Tech:MediaWiki:Copyright always showed at default site language

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What happens[edit]

At least English and Russian Wikitravel the MediaWiki:Copyright message in page footer always showed at default site language, regardless of user's setting.

You can test this using uselang=xx in URL e.g. en:Vologda in German and ru:Вологда in German, althoug both ru:MediaWiki:Copyright/de and en:MediaWiki:Copyright/de is set to "Inhalt ist verfügbar unter der $1." (this is a default localization).

When it happens[edit]

Always. It's possible at all language Wikitravels.

What should happen[edit]

The ru:MediaWiki:Copyright message in page footer should be show depending on user's default language and uselang=xx parameter in URL (like {{int:Copyright}} feature).

How to fix it[edit]

I don't know.

Additional comments[edit]

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-- Sergey kudryavtsev 05:01, 13 February 2009 (EST)