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Travis Derouin from wikiHow has developed a special page for doing uploads of multiple files. It may be useful for Wikitravel, especially for Shared:. We'd need to make sure that the licensing dropdown is shown, and that we don't bang up against any upload filesize limits in PHP.

Mmmm.... nice idea, but the summary boxes are tiny; it seems like it would make it a lot easier for people to pay less attention to filling out the proper info for each pic. If someone really wants to put in the time I'm sure we could come up with an awesome upload page to fit our needs specifically, but is it worth the time and effort? – cacahuate talk 02:10, 28 June 2008 (EDT)
Yup, I think this one should be on the backburner too. Unless it was fully customized to our site, it would be more trouble than it's worth because people would be less likely to fill out the image credit template. IWBN if we had a customized upload form that forced people to fill out the image credit info, but that's asking for a lot. --Peter Talk 16:55, 28 June 2008 (EDT)