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Tech:Export improvements

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Two improvements requested for our export function:

  1. The export format for MediaWiki doesn't export users' real names, and it would be nice for downstream publishers if it did (per Tech:Export should include real names).
  2. It seems as though some pages cannot be exported with their full history (per Tech:Export fails for pages with long histories). --Peter Talk 11:34, 21 June 2012 (EDT)


Additional notes:

  1. The number of revisions allowed for export is controlled by$wgExportMaxHistory and limited for performance reasons.
  2. Mediawiki export uses user IDs rather than real names - updating this is probably a Mediawiki change rather than something that IB could do. See and note the DTD format:
<!ELEMENT contributor ((username,id) | ip)>
  <!ELEMENT username (#PCDATA)>

-- Ryan 13:53, 21 June 2012 (EDT)