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Tech:Create a merged Recentchanges feed for all or some language versions

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Moved from en:Wikitravel:Feature requests by Evan

IWBNI you could read recentchanges from multiple language versions at the same time. --Evan 16:30, 17 June 2006 (EDT)

Merged from Tech:Add option to see changes from shared on en and other RecentChanges by Evan

As discussed on the Wikitravel talk:Technical infrastructure policy page, it would be nice if there was an option to include changes made on shared: in each language's en:Special:Recentchanges page. If shared: is to become the central point for discussions affecting each language then there should be an easier way to track the changes happening on that site. -- Ryan 12:09, 6 July 2006 (EDT)

Merged from Tech:Display recent changes from shared: in language-specific recent changes:

Could the recent changes page for each language version be updated somehow to include changes to shared? That would make it vastly easier for each language to see what discussions are going on, what new images are available, etc. I'm guessing that the MediaWiki software might be unable to do this, but if you can think of anything... -- Ryan 12:14, 2 July 2006 (EDT)

Jeez, that's a great idea! I've thought about doing it with merged RSS feeds for various languages (see en:Wikitravel:Feature requests#Create a merged Recentchanges feed for all or some language versions) but I think that the mainline case is to include shared: changes into each language version. --Evan 12:45, 2 July 2006 (EDT)