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Tech:Can't Complete OpenID login

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What happens[edit]

can't complete OpenID login - choosing a nickname is impossible.

When it happens[edit]

after being redirected back to wikitravel from the "Finish OpenID login - Your OpenID server did not provide a nickname (either because it can't, or because you told it not to). All users need a nickname; you can choose one from the options below." is displayed. No matter which one of the three choices the user picks the browser is sent to

What should happen[edit]

browser should be sent to "login successful" destination, hopefully the page user was in before clicking on login

How to fix it[edit]

revise script that handles nickname choice

Additional comments[edit]

please email [email protected] (disposable email address to avoid spam) when a solution is found. thank you. is a ticket about the same issue.

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