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Tech:Breadcrumbs and doubledisambiguated article names

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Moved from en:Wikitravel:Bug reports 1.4.x-1.5.x/Fixed by Evan

Don't know if this can be considered a bug or not - en:Santa Fe (city, Argentina) currently displays the following across the top of the page:

en:South America : en:Argentina : en:Pampas : en:Santa Fe (province, Argentina) : Santa Fe

I understand why it's happening, but obviously the "Santa Fe (province, Argentina)" does look kind of unintentional.

The breadcrumb code hides disambiguators unless the name has already been used by a "smaller" place in the list. I realize that the comma-separated disambiguator looks bad in the breadcrumbs, but I think that's more a problem with this kind of disambiguator rather than a problem with the breadcrumb code. --Evan 10:42, 21 March 2006 (EST)