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Swedish Wikitravel Report for 29 October 2006

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Swedish Wikitravel Report for 29 October 2006

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This is a go-between report from swedish Wikitravel, prepared by Riggwelter.


Progress in general[edit]

Our progress is slow, but steady.

New contributors[edit]

Since august, 40 new users have registered.

Focus since last report[edit]

Constant improvement of the quality of existing articles. New articles have been added, but to attract more users, and more contributions, we need to have something to work on.

Focus during the next month[edit]

Quality improvement of existing articles.

Special issues[edit]

Odd technical problems during the last report has been attended to and it now seems to work fine. The guide function seems to be out of order, but all issues are reported on Wikitravel Shared.


I was really happy when I realised that we had had 40 new users since August. It is something of a boost for current contributors, which are quite few, but who do a very good job.


This space is for you to comment on our progress and our report.