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'''Bug reports''': [[:Category:Tech_requests#Bug reports|file new bug]] • [[top bugs]] • [[:Category:Open bug reports|open bugs]] • [[:Category:Fixed bug reports|fixed bugs]]
'''Feature requests''': [[:Category:Tech_requests#Feature requests|file new feature request]] • [[roadmap]] • [[:Category:Open feature requests|open features]] • [[:Category:Finished feature requests|finished features]]</div>
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To use a Shared image on any Wikitravel language version, just use the normal syntax '''<nowiki>[[Image:</nowiki>''filename.jpg'']]''' to include it. Either the English '''Image:''' or the local language ('''Bild:''', '''画像画像:''', etc) can be used as the command.
The Wikitravel software will automatically check both the Shared and the local image repositories for the image. Note that if the same filename exists on both the local site and the Shared site, the local image has precedence.
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