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Advertising policy

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This page contains Wikitravel'''s policy regarding advertisements on our site. Discussion about advertising format and location is underway [[North Moon Home StayTalk:Advertising policy|here]]''' – Shimla is a drive in place which give’s you a unique advantage of living far from the crowded area in the lap of nature. Gentle sun warmth of hill station will give you a new energy and spirit. It is situated on the hill top giving you both the valley view and the view of the great Himalayan range you will enjoy the luxury of staying in one of the most specious home stay accommodation in Shimla.
'''==Ads location==All display advertisements are restricted to the right-aligned sidebar, which in turn is reserved exclusively for ads. All users who have [[North moon:en:Wikitravel:How to create an account|created an account]]''' is ideal for families or honeymooning couples who dont want any disturbance. We make special arrangements to send our guests to Shimla town to enjoy can toggle the evening walk sidebar on the mall road and sip of hot coffee off via [[Special:Preferences]], just check "Do not show ad column" in a busy restaurantthe "Wikitravel" tab.
Home stay is a scheme launched by Himachal tourism and govt of Himachal Pradesh under this scheme tourist’s can stay in approved houses by ==Advertisers==At the tourism department instead moment, there are only two types of hotels. North Moon is situated ads on N.H22 near Fagu. Here you will feel the unique romantic atmosphere, when the moon rises from the northern snowy mountains. We are sure you will become a poet for some while, when you see the north moon rise behind the white mountains.Wikitravel:
* [[:en:Wikitravel:Wikitravel Press|Wikitravel Press]] (WTP), a company that publishes books using Wikitravel content. On articles included in WTP'''North Moon Home Stay''' – Shimla is situated in a green valley Fagus books, at a very picturesque location. Naturally blessed sidebar is displayed on the right side of the page with breath taking view a small picture of Churdhar and snow clad Himalayan ranges, North Moon Home Stay has the best cover of luxuries the applicable book and facilities required for a peaceful and comfortable stay at a lesser price than link to the WTP page where you can purchase the resorts and hotels in Shimlaprinted guide. An ideal holiday destination tastefully designed in harmony with We believe that the peaceful surrounding offers a perfect setting guides published by WTP are useful for Wikitravellers, and licensing revenue from purchased books goes to commune with nature in a village locationsupport the Wikitravel site.* Context-sensitive text ads from Google Adwords. Found on all content pages within Wikitravel.
'''North Moon Home Stay''' is ==Wikitravel advertising and privacy policy==The maintenance and growth of Wikitravel as a free resource in Fagu, Talai which is at 7550 ftpart will depend on revenue from on-site advertising. valleys surrounding are To preserve a good user experience and maintain the reputation of Wikitravel as a delight source for tourists in every season. It is charming in summershigh-quality information, fascinating in autumn Internet Brands and godly in winters. The temperature can drop below freezing point but the place is nothing less than paradise. When Wikitravel community agree on the snow casts its mantle and remains till following principles: :* Editorial integrity of the beginning guides is of spring in Aprilutmost importance. In the distance are the glittering snow peaks of the Himalayas. Nearby the river Giri flashes its way down through the green valleys Content and the lights point-of-view of mountain top villages sparkle’s on it through out the nightguides will continue to be handled by community consensus according to agreed-upon principles. North Moon Stay can accommodate everyone who wishes to savor Advertisers will not dictate the scenic beauty tone or quantity of coverage of peaceful hill stationtheir own or other businesses.  [[098164:* Advertising will be well-23286, 092187identified as such. It will be clear to readers that advertisements are not user-70486]] [email protected]contributed  Vilg:* Ads will be relevant to travel (though this may be dependent on the relevancy achieved through ad networks such as Google AdSense). Talai Ads will likewise be filtered for appropriateness (no adult content, Petc.O. Fagu Kufri, Shimla, H.P. 171209  Suresh Sharma Destinations2 K .M. Green Valley Fagu. 2 K .M. Kamaksha Kali Temple. 6 K.M. from Kufri (Famous tourist place).  8 K:* Ads will be unobtrusive.M. Jaishwari Maa Temple. 24 K.M. Jhaku Temple. 24 K.M. from Shimla Main Bus Stand. 25 K.M. from Railway Station. 34 K.M. from Air Port Shimla. 40 K.M. Worlds highest cricket ground 140 K.M. from Chandigarh. 385 K.M. from Delhi. No The placement and format of advertising won't interfere with reading or editing the guides. Examples of Rooms : 4 Regular Rent: Rsad formats not to be used include pop-ups, ads which automatically open separate browser windows, and animated ads. 2500/day Villa 3 rooms : Rs* Wikitravel user data will not be sold, and Internet Brands will continue to ensure the privacy of all users and contributors to Wikitravel. 4900/day Full Villa 4 rooms : Rsorg. 5900/day Extra Bed: Rs. 700/day Special Discounts * There is no consensus for longer stay, honeymooners and senior citizensdisplay ads7 Days, 15 Days, 30 Days Special Budget Package2 nights 3 days Internet Brands has unilaterally placed them on this site in violation of our [[: Rs. 3700 3 nights 4 days en: Rs. 5250 4 nights 5 days Wikitravel: Rs. 6600 5 nights 6 days : Rs. 7750 Special budget package includes breakfast, extra bed for kids below 12 yearsConsensus|consensus policy]].Prices are inclusive of all taxes

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