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Talk:How to start a new language version

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listing important custom mediawiki messages
:To add editing tools is easy-- you can just change [[Mediawiki:Edittools|Mediawiki:Edittools]].
:Adding the listing editor function is more difficult. First you need to translation a number of tag files-- see the list at [[:en:Wikitravel:Listings#TranslationsTranslation]] to make listing templates in Fr:. Make sure you edit the Fr: version, not the En: ones. Then you'll have to petition IB to turn the functionality on. [[User:Texugo|texugo]] 20:37, 13 March 2011 (EDT)
::Ok, Edittools works fine. I'll probably keep it simple stupid and not translate the tags since French accents are a pain and there are already many English tags in the French version. For the "add listing", I can survive without them for now. Thanks a lot texugo for your quick answer! [[User:Joelf|Joelf]] 04:01, 14 March 2011 (EDT)
==MediaWiki messages==
There are a fair number of [[special:allmessages|MW messages]] that every language version is going to want to customize; we should create a list of them in this article with guidelines. But... damned if I can remember them all. I'll poke around, but please add to this list if you think of more!

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