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How to start a new language version

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# Make a translation list for all headers used in the article templates. Think twice for good translations. Very hard to change later.
# Translate. If you are impatient enough to begin your translations on en: before launching the new version, all your links will be broken since you cannot write the translations into the en:Wikitravel: namespace. Thus, there is no control for misspelled links. Do not try to link to already translated articles in some user's sandbox, because after transferring them to the newly launched wiki, you will have a big mess to adapt them.
'''Note''': the ''LanguageXX.php'' files used by old versions of MediaWiki are ''not used anymore'', so please do not waste your time translating them. The basic interface for all major languages is built-in, but they can be customized online ''after'' launch by accessing [[MediaWiki:Allmessages]] (administrators only).
==After launch==

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