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Policies and guidelines

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Policies and guidelines

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These are some agreed-upon policies that we use for developing Wikitravel. If you have a question about the specifics of these policies, or want to see them changed/amended/clarified, use the talk pages.

General policy[edit]

  • All Wikitravel content is 100% free. No copyrighted work can be included in Wikitravel without the express permission of the copyright holder to license it under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License 3.0. See the Copyleft for details.
  • Text should have a neutral point of view. We try to maintain a professional attitude towards all topics, and give an objective description of it. This doesn't mean watering down our guide -- if some place is smelly, overpriced, ugly, loud, or just plain bad, we tell it like it is. But there are no whetstones here; people with axes to grind should set up their own personal Web sites.
  • Content should target our goals. Everything put into Wikitravel should help us meet our goal of making a free, complete, up-to-date, and reliable travel guide. Content that doesn't help us do that doesn't have a place in Wikitravel.
  • Text and images should follow style guidelines. With rare exception, text and images should follow our Manual of style. Exceptions should gain wide consensus; in cases of controversy, the style manual trumps.

Specific policy[edit]

The following are some policies for specific circumstances.