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Please review our image policy.

Before uploading

Licensing is important. Please ensure that the image is:

Attribution to the rightful owner is necessary. We ask that you include:

  • the owner's name or screen name
  • the owner's URL
  • the original image's URL

We cannot accept:

  • images with people as the subject
  • images of businesses
  • images with watermarks

If you are uploading a banner

They must:

  • be cropped or croppable to 1800px length by 450px width
  • be a high-quality depiction of the destination or related imagery
  • include its licensing and attribution information


  • [EN] If you are not sure how to fill in the information, please see how to upload files before you upload.
  • [DE] Wenn du nicht sicher bist, wie man die Dateien hochladen soll, sehe datei hochladen.