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List of Wikitravel-specific vocabulary

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List of Wikitravel-specific vocabulary

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Before translating articles or the language.php file, it is a good idea to make a translation list of Wikitravel-specific vocabulary. Words that are usually defined in MediaWiki software already are marked MW.

MW The international legal regime, see en:Wikitravel:Copyright details
A form of license requiring downstream publishers to have an Open Source version, too; see en:Wikitravel:Copyleft
Destination of the Month 
A featured monthly article; see en:Wikitravel:Previous destinations of the month
A targeted sub-project; see en:Wikitravel:Expeditions
A list of destinations and/or attractions with a direction and time frame, see en:Wikitravel:Itineraries
MW A hyperlink between two pages; see en:Wikitravel:External links, en:Wikitravel:internal links
Main Page 
MW Entry page to the site, en:Main Page, fr:Accueil, es:Portada, de:Hauptseite
Page history 
A brief translation of common phrases from one language to another; see en:Wikitravel:Phrasebook Expedition, en:Wikitravel:Phrasebook template
A community-reached rule or set of rules about how Wikitravellers interact, see en:Wikitravel:Community policies
Recent Changes 
MW A list of recent modifications to the wiki, see Special:Recentchanges
A software utility that helps with a particular task
Travellers' Pub 
General discussion page for the entire community, usually modeled as a café or bar, see en:Wikitravel:Travellers' pub, fr:Wikitravel:Café des Voyageurs, de:Wikitravel:Stammtisch
MW Someone who's created a user account and has a name, password, and user page. See en:Wikitravel:How to create a user account.
Votes for Deletion 
A page where users discuss whether to delete a page or image; see en:Wikitravel:Votes for deletion
Someone who participates in Wikitravel; see en:Wikitravel:Wikitravellers
Name of the project, rarely translated
Article template 
An outline of how we want articles to look, see en:Wikitravel:Article templates
Destination guide 
A travel guide for a destination, see e.g. en:Wikitravel:What is an article?
A place that people visit, typically a city, region or country, see en:Wikitravel:geographical hierarchy, en:Wikitravel:What is an article?
Something to see at a destination, like a museum, temple, square, statue, etc. Also sometimes used to describe all kinds of things that are "lower" on the hierarchy than a destination, like restaurants, hotels, bars, etc. See en:Wikitravel:Attraction listings
Travel topic 
A general travel issue that is either not specific to a particular place (like en:Tips for flying) or too specific thematically to have in a general-purpose destination guide (like en:Off-road vehicles in California). See en:Travel topics, en:Wikitravel:Other ways of seeing travel
A bit of markup that says that one place "is in" another place, usually used for the next-biggest containing place. For example, en:France "is in" en:Western Europe, en:Florence "is in" en:Tuscany. See en:Wikitravel:Breadcrumb navigation
A Wikitraveller who's volunteered to take direct questions from other travellers who want more information about a place covered in a guide. See en:Wikitravel:Docents
Manual of style 
A group of articles that define usually arbitrary stylistic decisions about spelling, punctuation, layout, and formatting of pages. See en:Wikitravel:Manual of style
Goals and non-goals 
A page that describes the mission and scope of the project, as well as some things the project isn't meant to do, but some people might think it is. See en:Wikitravel:Goals and non-goals
Article status 
A rough estimate of the maturity of an article and its usefulness for travellers; A 5-step rating on Wikitravel en: stub, outline, usable, guide, star. See en:Wikitravel:Article status
MW An article status for an article with practically no content, or without an article template framework. See en:Wikitravel:Stub articles
Article status for an article that has the framework of an article template but little else. See en:Wikitravel:Article status
Article status for an article that would be useful for a traveller using it for their only form of travel information. See en:Wikitravel:Article status
Article status for an article that's not only usable, but gives a variety of attractions, restaurants, hotels, etc. See en:Wikitravel:Article status
Article status for an article that is publication-ready; meets all the requirement of the manual of style, is well written, and has illustrations (including a map). See en:Wikitravel:Article status, en:Wikitravel:Star articles
Collaboration of the Week
Off the Beaten Path
Plunge forward
The traveller comes first
Geographical hierarchy
Be fair
Don't tout
Small city
Big city
Huge city

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