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Liaison reports/Spanish/August 2008

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Liaison reports : Spanish : August 2008
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Liaison reports/Spanish/August 2008

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Progress in general[edit]

Progress has been absent, and the version for a while risked sliding in the wrong direction. All administrators (myself included) went AWOL and spammers wreaked some havoc. That's been cleaned up now, mostly by User:Episteme, and I'm now giving the site a brief patrolling every couple days. The contributions are slow enough where that's easy to do, and hopefully no one will start challenging my reverts, since my Spanish is not good enough to quickly explain my positions, and I don't have much time to devote to this version on top of :en & :ru. I went so far as to leave a disclaimer on my user page letting people know that I might simply decline to respond to questions/complaints. That's pretty unwiki, but it's allowing me to at least prevent a decline in the quality of the Spanish guides.

New contributors[edit]

The Spanish language version does seem to get good search hits, so we get a lot of one-off anon contributors every day. New regular users are pretty absent, though, and that makes sense, since we lack any kind of "shepherd" a la Evan. We don't even have any regular native speakers to foster a community spirit.

We have had one good new contributor, FBdave, who has usefully built up a skeletal hierarchy for the United States. There are a ton of Spanish native speakers in the States, and we absolutely have not tapped that pool of talent yet, for whatever reason. Almost all contributions to this date come from Spanish (Spain) ips.

Focus since last report[edit]

Just maintenance — regular patrolling to keep guides from deteriorating.

Focus during the next period[edit]

The same, unless we get some new contributors (or old admins), who are interested in taking up new projects.

Special issues[edit]

Listing editor translations sure would be nice. If we get those for the Russian version, I'll get cracking on proper translations for the Spanish version.


For such a big language version, things aren't going too well. We need dedicated, regular users, and we don't have them. My Spanish is fine to read & patrol, but I'm not up to the task of fostering a productive community on this version.


--Peter Talk 22:42, 20 August 2008 (EDT)