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Liaison reports/Portuguese/September 2006

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Liaison reports : Portuguese : September 2006
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Liaison reports/Portuguese/September 2006

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Progress in general[edit]

Just like most other language versions, Portuguese Wikitravel nearly stalled after the fist few months of functioning. For nearly 6 months it grew steadily but slowly and with a very loose sense of community to speak of. The arrival of new blood - namely users Texugo and Fábio - has breathed in new energy to the project and brought some noteworthy progress about.

Some highlights of the latest months' progress include:

  • The establishment of the local version of the IsIn template, called FicaEm. Big thanks to Andrew (Sapphire) for helping out.
  • Inconclusive discussions on the use of graphic symbols on listings. You can sample a cached version of an article that used them here
  • An extraordinary growth in the number of articles (from 210 to 600+ in one month, thanks mainly to the efforts of one man). Those are basically outlines and have set up a comparatively large infrastructure that can be filled with information in the future. The downside is that it makes it harder to make any future changes to article templates, which have been set up at pt: without any actual community discussion.
  • We haven't had a new potential Destination of the Month since May. We have set up a Collaboration of the Month collective effort and we're also considering repeating the various previous DotM until a proper "featureable" article comes up.
  • We've had our first administrator nomination (and opted for the 7-day deadline instead of 14)
  • Linked Wikitravel Shared from the navigation toolbar (thanks again Sapphire) and from the local upload file page too.
  • Wikitravel finally had its (probably) first significant appearance on Portuguese-language media on Último Segundo, one of Brazil's largest and most popular news websites.

New contributors[edit]

  • As of 10 September, the number of registered users is 158 (75% increase in 3 months), of which only a very small fraction (certainly less than 5) could be called regular contributors, however.


We have been patient enough to allow time for pt: to settle down and spontaneously attract new contributions and this seems to be paying off. Even if the growth in the article count will probably slow down again in the next months, we are convinced that a sound and well-organized version of Wikitravel is coming up.


I think this is a great story to hear! It does take patience to get things going, but I think it's the "second wave" that's really the most important for going through. I've also noticed that it's the wikis with active liaisons who stick around between the first and second waves of development that seem to succeed. Thanks for your work! --Evan 12:33, 3 October 2006 (EDT)

Alas, the FicaEm template is a failure! See pt:Template_talk:IsIn for reasons why the template failed. -- Sapphire