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Liaison reports/Portuguese/March 2007

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Liaison reports : Portuguese : March 2007
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Liaison reports/Portuguese/March 2007

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  • Quantity - after the huge leap in the number of articles reported last time, we are now growing more or less organically again, as you may tell from the Multilingual statistics.
  • Quality - Still at the mostly outlines situation though a few interesting country articles are starting to be drawn up. Also, we have been trying to come up with Destinations of the Month articles about non-Brazilian places and have managed to do so for 2 months at least. The collaboration of the month initiative has not yet been too useful in attracting many interested contributors.


We get new registered users every day but they hardly make any contributions, let alone bother to create a user page or reply to welcome messages.

There are 3 users we could call regulars (myself included), most other edits are made by IPs.

Our pair of administrators has been effectively patrolling all edits (the recent changes patrol has been very useful for that) and unwanted changes seldom last more than a few hours before being undone. The fact that we are 12 time-zones apart also helps.

Contributions by users from Portuguese-speaking countries other than Brazil is still somewhere between unnoticeable and zero. I've raised this issue at the travellers' pub to try and figure out the reason why but had no answer whatsoever.

Policies and guidelines[edit]

An article rating system is about to be implemented. It is identical to en:'s.

Although we've set up an extensive Portuguese-language portal to Wikitravel Shared there, users are still uploading images to the Portuguese site.

Technical issues[edit]

None that I can think of.


Please use the report's talk page for comments. Thank you, Ricardo (Rmx) 00:47, 21 March 2007 (EDT)