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Liaison reports/Portuguese/December 2006

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Liaison reports : Portuguese : December 2006
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Liaison reports/Portuguese/December 2006

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This is the liaison report for Portuguese Wikitravel covering the period from Sep-Dec 2006.

Progress in general[edit]

Our second wave of growth seems to have endured my initial (pessimistic) forecasts and for the last 3 months the number of articles has remained firmly on the rise. It's amazing to note how one or two very committed collaborators can make such a significant difference in the development of a young language version of Wikitravel and we are glad we can now count on the help of a couple of those users.

We have reached our 1000th article this week, i.e. in less than one year. The growth in the article count during the last 3 months was above 50% and the best thing is that those articles are not only bare outlines - many contain some useful info and some are even usable. Most articles refer to destinations in Brazil. Argentina and Spain are also being covered, but curiously, articles about destinations in other Portuguese-speaking countries never seem to really take off.

The collaboration of the month unfortunately hasn't produced any significant outcomes yet. It is still hard to find really complete articles that can become destination of the month. Hence, we're possibly becoming more flexible about which articles to feature on the main page and admitting partially incomplete but attractive destinations to become DotM too.

The Portuguese language portal to Wikitravel Shared will be operational soon and we hope this will increase the use of Shared by pt: users.

We have edited the MediaWiki messages so that it is now possible to log in using OpenId from the regular log in page. We also have included the simplified generation of outlines in pt:MediaWiki:Newarticletext, and I guess it made easier to create new articles.

New contributors[edit]

During the last three months the number of registered users has increased by 37% (there are 217 now) but few (2-5) have actually become regular contributors. The community taking part on policy and organization discussions is still limited to about three users and some issues raised still lack a significant feedback.

Special issues[edit]

  • I've locked the edition of pt:Wikitravel:Wiki - it's protected against edits by anonymous users due to repeated attacks from the same spambot that has attacked en: and Shared. Banning the user became useless from the moment it started to use several different IPs.
  • I've been thinking about the use of Categories and MediaWiki templates, which "orthodox" Wikipedians seem to love and I'm sure is an issue that will be brought up on Portuguese Wikitravel soon. English Wikitravel seems to use them sparingly whereas Italian and Spanish are not ashamed of throwing in yet another colourful navigation box, although that's probably not helping our goal of making printable articles. It'd be great to know which policy has been adopted by other language versions about the use of those features so we can keep pt: from drifting too far away from the way the other versions work.
  • pt:Especial:Upload shows a link to donations (doações) on the navigation toolbar that I don't know how to remove.


So far, so good.