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Japanese Wikitravel Report for 4 October 2006

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Japanese Wikitravel Report for 4 October 2006

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Honorable lords,

A cool, gentle breeze floats past, carrying with it an exquisite crimson maple leaf and a discarded instant noodle wrapper. The heat of summer has passed, the winter is coming, and it is time to pause and reflect on the past three months.

Japanese Wikitravel crossed the 1,000-article boundary on August 20th with Dusseldorf, 14 months after the version was launched. As ever, growth remains slow and steady, clocking up 10-20 new articles every week.

Ripples in the teapot include the odd episode of Kamagasaki and Sanno, respectively Osaka's biggest slum and a disused red-light district, which an anonymous user has for the past several months been documenting obsessively in wilful ignorance of style templates, travellers' needs or admins' pleadings -- for example, the Kamagasaki article lists every single convenience store, lottery outlet and 100-yen sundry shop in the district, carefully distinguishing between the "100 yen plus 5 yen tax" and the "real 100 yen" varieties. Some subsubsubdistricts have, for lack of better options, been turned into redirects and protected to stop them from being recreated for the umpteenth time.

Sprinkling ash on my forehead and respectfully retreating to the rear as my knuckles drag along the tatami mats, I remain your most obedient servant, Jpatokal 09:05, 4 October 2006 (EDT)