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Japanese Wikitravel Report for 25 April 2008

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Japanese Wikitravel Report for 25 April 2008

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Furuike ya
Mizu no oto

Progress in general[edit]

O-hisashiburi desu ne. As promised last time, the Japanese Wikitravel did duly hit 2000 article in early 2008 (on April 18th, to be precise) and is up to 2026 as I type this. Many Japanese articles are starting to achieve noticeable depth, and the DotM queues aren't as sparse at they were last year.

New contributors[edit]

Too many to list. Many are specializing in weird and wonderful destinations, like ja:User:Manx cat on Isle of Man, UK and ja:User:Kazu on Panajachel, Guatemala.

Special issues[edit]

It would be really nice to make the long-awaited listing editor GUI work in Japanese also, but this seems difficult enough that I'm not sure how to make it happen. Does IB want to hire a Japanese-speaking geek?


Slow and steady, as ever.


Congratulations! That's great news about the 2000-plus articles. It's true, the listings editor in Japanese is a difficult one to tackle and will likely require time resources we won't be able to give it in the near-term. But I think checking in here is a great way to stay in touch with IB and the tech guys and I'm glad to see your report! JuCo 16:06, 28 April 2008 (EDT)