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Hungarian Wikitravel Liaison Report for October 2006

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Hungarian Wikitravel Liaison Report for October 2006

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Progress in general[edit]

We launched Hungarian Wikitravel on 6 October, 2006. We are just making our first steps.

New contributors[edit]

As for today, we have 19 registered users, 3 of them being sysops: Evan, Bujatt and Strapontin. Most of the users are active members of Hungarian Wikipedia.

Focus since last report[edit]

We have been dealing with translating the Special:Allmessages page, creating Main page, Community portal and help pages: Help contents, First steps and so on. We are discussing Wikitravel vocabulary, working on templates, facing the first bugs, etc.

Focus during the next month[edit]

  • Translating those pages necessary to accept new contributors, work on help pages, as well as on outlines and policies.
  • Start to write a few articles and discuss page templates.

Special issues[edit]

  • We have a few bugs, some because of the accented characters.
  • We are looking forward to have CC 3.0.
  • We have started to purchase domain.


The progress is slow but continous, because of the low number of users. We should make a campaign to attract more users (from WP or anywhere).


Good luck to you all! Riggwelter 03:32, 3 November 2006 (EST)

Thanks for the report, Bujatt. I think you're doing the right thing by discussing vocabulary, templates and so forth before plunging forward to create lots of outlines. I deeply regret we have not done that extensively on Portuguese Wikitravel, so those little things have become much harder to change now that we're "grown-ups" and have a (kind of) active community. Best of luck to you guys, Ricardo (Rmx) 09:28, 3 November 2006 (EST)