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Hungarian Wikitravel Expedition

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Hungarian Wikitravel Expedition

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Ez az oldal magyarul itt. / See this page in Hungarian here.

The Hungarian Wikitravel Expedition is an expedition to create a Hungarian language version of Wikitravel because it is time for us to have a free, easy to use and detailed travel guide.

For more information on Multilingual Wikitravel Policy, please see en:Wikitravel:Language version policy.


There are 10 million Hungarians in Hungary, about 2 million in Transylvania-Romania and another 3-5 million around the world, making a total of about 15 million at least.

Why a Hungarian version? Because many of the Hungarians don't speak English and if they do they usually prefer Hungarian. Another reason is that there are no online travel guides in Hungarian which cover the whole world.


The Hungarian Wikitravel has the following goals:

  • To collect a good base of Hungarian users willing to take this project further.
  • To translate and localize the English Wikitravel into Hungarian.
  • To create quality articles that will appeal to Hungarian travellers.
  • To link these articles to English and other versions and create an integrated multilingual Wikitravel.
  • To empower other language groups to form their own Wikitravel.
  • To contribute to English Wikitravel with quality articles about en:Hungary and en:Transylvania.



See also the language version policy for more information about the procedure of forming a Hungarian Wikitravel.

Gathering a team of users[edit]

To get this project started, we need at least 3 Hungarian-speaking users willing to contribute to Hungarian Wikitravel.

If you support this project, please log in' (it's really short to open a user account) and then add your name below, by choosing edit this page.

I agree to forming the Hungarian Wikitravel and am willing to contribute: (to sign just type 4 time ~ below)

Next Steps[edit]

After we have gathered a team of five or more users for Hungarian Wikitravel, the interface localization file will be translated , checked for correctness, and then we will vote for a go-between.

For comparison, the English file is at en:Wikitravel:LanguageEn.php. Major things to watch for:

  • Differences in license policy (GFDL versus CC by-sa)

Now a beta version is available here.

Choosing a go-between[edit]

In order to make a successful, integrated Hungarian Wikitravel, we need to choose one of the five users who put their names down, and make them a go-between. The role of the go-between will be to act as a liaison between English and Hungarian Wikitravel, and therefore, he must be able to:

  • Write English and Hungarian well
  • Understand Wikitravel ideals, guidelines, goals and policies
  • Make monthly reports about Hungarian Wikitravel to English Wikitravel
  • Make monthly reports about English Wikitravel to Hungarian Wikitravel
  • Contribute actively in Hungarian Wikitravel

The go-between will be chosen the democratic way: via voting

The candidates for go-between will be the users willing to contribute. To win, a go-between must have two votes for them, and no votes against them. Only people who nominated themselves under the "Gathering a team" section can vote. And remember, you cannot vote for yourself.

Awareness Raising[edit]

If you find this idea compelling, you are welcome to notify your friends, write about it in forums etc....