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How to re-use Wikipedia content

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How to re-use Wikipedia content

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This guideline tells you how to re-use Wikipedia content on Wikitravel. Many of the contributions to any language version of Wikipedia may be re-used on Wikitravel, thanks to the fact that the content on both sites works under the same copyleft license.

Am I free to take ANYTHING from Wikipedia and post it on Wikitravel?[edit]

Basically yes, but there are a few things you need to think about before you start re-using anything from Wikipedia:

  1. Wikitravel is not a travel encyclopedia. This means that far from all information on Wikipedia fits Wikitravel. Typical things you may use are different types of illustrations (as long as they follow our image policy), history extracts for the "Understand" section in our articles (but then again: don't get tempted to post 250 kB of the entire history of any country or town!) or information about the climate of the place you're writing about.
  2. Wikitravel is targeted towards printed versions. We want travellers on the road to be able to print out a copy of an article and use it. The print version comes first!
  3. Do not upload fair use content. Why? Just don't - it will be deleted.
  4. Make sure you check what you post. As stated above, what's on Wikipedia might not fit on Wikitravel. So, before you copy and paste it to Wikitravel, read it through and see if the information really is useful for a traveller. When in doubt - leave it out.

How do I follow the copyleft license?[edit]


If you post text from Wikipedia on Wikitravel, you are required to post a specific template on the talk page of the guide on Wikitravel. The template should go at the very top of the talk page and may not be removed (unless the Wikipedia content is removed from Wikitravel, that is). Add the template according to the instructions here. This way, you attribute the contributors who participated to the work on Wikipedia. Please note that if you want to copy something from Wikipedia (in your language version) to Wikitravel in the same language (if there is one), you have to create a template in the actual language. Use the template here on Shared and translate it.

Remember that Wikitravel is a project wholly independent from Wikipedia, and one of our principal goals is to enrich the world through that ever elusive online original content. Copy-pasting blocks of text from Wikipedia is very much discouraged, and will often be reverted. The best use of text from Wikipedia (or any other source with a compatible Creative Commons license or Public Domain status) is when you are having a mental block and grab phrasing from elsewhere.


If you want to post a Wikipedia illustration of some kind in a Wikitravel guide, you do not have to use the template. Instead, upload the illustration here on Shared and use the special template for illustrations from Wikimedia Commons.

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