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The Wikitravel Get-Together is an event where Wikitravellers from all over the globe, speakers of any language, come together to do what we do best: travel. It's an opportunity to collaborate in the Real World with people that you collaborate with online every day; to meet old friends face-to-face; to practice the craft of making travel guides; and to visit a city or region that you may never have been before.

A real get-together[edit]

The typical format of the get-together is a long weekend trip to some part of the world not well covered in Wikitravel (or, at least, most language versions of Wikitravel). It is a "busman's holiday" -- while visiting our destination, we'll be collecting information, photos, and impressions of the place we're visiting to improve the destination guide in Wikitravel for that place. There will be a loose schedule planned by participants before and during the event, and you can join up with small groups of other Wikitravellers to:

  • Visit nearby villages, towns, or natural features
  • Scour some district of the city
  • Visit the city's attractions and get detailed notes on the practical issues
  • Research public transit, transportation options, taxis, etc.
  • Eat out at restaurants
  • Par-tay in bars, clubs, or whatever

Some side-trips and events will be day trips; others will go overnight.

Other ways to get together[edit]


An Eat-together is a mini-get-together of Wikitravellers. Like the name implies, the main focus is on having lunch/dinner/midnight munchies together, but the basic idea is still the same.


Like the name implies, the main focus is on having a drink or something similar together, but the basic idea is still the same. This kind of get-together can be handy if you are short of time and/or just want to say hi to your fellow wikitravellers.

Who should come[edit]

You! Anyone who works on Wikitravel, who wants to visit the chosen destination, and who is willing to help explore the city or region should plan to come. You should be ready to self-guide yourself and others through some of the activities listed above; the success of the event depends on your willingness to plunge forward.


If you're planning to organise a get-together, please add your suggestion to the list below and create a sub-page using the Get-together/Template.


Date What Where Wikitravel Extra
August 2010 Get-Together Lisbon Lisbon
Date What Where Link to Wikitravel Extra, if applicable


Date What Where Wikitravel Extra
26 July 2008 Coffee 2008 Uddevalla Uddevalla, Sweden -
16 July 2008 Eat-together 2008 Alexandria Alexandria, Egypt [1]
2 August 2007 Eat-together 2007 Taipei Taipei [2]
14-22 April 2007 Get-together 2007 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico [3]