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German Wikitravel Liaison Report for January 2007

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German Wikitravel Liaison Report for January 2007

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Progress in general[edit]

We’ve rolled out a cool new Hauptseite. We’ve also seen an astounding 68 new articles! That brings us to a total of 2,875 articles. This is up more than any of the previous months since I’ve taken the job as liaison. It’s particularly fitting since in the past month a fork of de: was officially founded/rolled out. Just when people we’re going and saying DE was dead we bounce back with our best month in the past six months!

New contributors[edit]

As for figures DE has seen an increase of 98 users as of January 29, 2006! We now have a grand total of 1,194 registered users. Phil became an administrator sometime around the 14th and I became a Bürokrat the same day.

Focus since last report[edit]

Our focuses were developing a new Hauptseite (main page), picking a new DotM (ZdM) and OtBP on, because we’ve been a little busy taking care of those things and I gave Phil a lot of work to check my grammar.

I also added an image to the quickbar template on de:, which has greatly improved the aesthetics of our articles. From time to time I go through and have been replacing the old CSS quickbars with the template

Focus during the next month[edit]

Improving content! Simple. We also want to get into the habit of picking a “DoTM” (ZdM) and “OtBP” (AdTp). I’d really appreciate bilingual persons to help with improve our phrase books. Please contact me directly and I can explain what we need/want.

Special issues[edit]

None, that I can think of. Although, I'd appreciate it if the export/import problems were fixed.


Progress has been astounding!