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German Wikitravel Liaison Report for August 2006

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German Wikitravel Liaison Report for August 2006

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Progress in general[edit]

There have been an estimated 132 articles created on DE since July 2, 2006.

Raw stats register a total of 7,435 pages (An increase of 206 pages) of which 2,403 are actual articles. Thus far there have been 57,753 edits.

New contributors[edit]

There are 897 registered users, which is an increase of 71 new users.

Focus since last report[edit]

Nothing special.

Focus during the next month[edit]

Special issues[edit]

We've has to resort to semi-protection of a few pages because I don't think a localized spam filter is enabled. Anyway to get it up and running or is there a way to work around it? I think adding urls to EN's localized black list works, but I don't want to send users away from DE when it would be much easier to have DE's very own spam filter.

Sapphire was promoted to sysop on DE.


Slow, but steady progress.