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Finnish Wikitravel Report for 18 January 2008

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Finnish Wikitravel Report for 18 January 2008

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Progress in general[edit]

Since the previous liaison report we've tripled our article count (currently 556), although many of the articles are only a bit more than just the template. In other words, the progress has been slowish, but there are several good articles already and the number of daily contributions is growing steadily. We have a nice start with some domestic articles, such as fi:Helsinki, fi:Tampere, fi:Kilpisjärvi as well as several from the world - fi:Tallinna, fi:Japani and fi:Ko Tao to name a few.

New contributors[edit]

Our user count stands currently at a bit over 100, and a vast majority of the contributions come from registered contributors. We have a few really active users, but the number really could be higher. Yours truly joined the administrator team and although there are not too much administrative tasks yet, we could use one seasoned admin more.

Focus since last report[edit]

We've focused on creating a huge number of stubs and getting the instructions and policies translated from the English Wikitravel. We've also introduced the concepts of DotM and CotM. We have quite good basis to build on.

Focus during the next months[edit]

There are still some instruction and policy pages missing. Other than that we should focus on recruiting new people and getting some real content written. Our beloved neighbours, the Swedes are miles ahead of us, so it's time to lure in some new writers for the Finnish WT!

Special issues[edit]

Nothing special.


Finnish Wikitravel is starting to get up to speed, maybe not light speed, but thereabouts. Increasing content is a priority.


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