Dutch Wikitravel Report for 15 May 2007

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Dutch Wikitravel Report for 15 May 2007

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May 15 2007[edit]

Mid May 2007: An update from the Nederlandstalige, (NL) site. First time I do this, just hope this is the right place for it.

After a little dip during last winter we have gained some new momentum.

Since Feb there are two new weirdo's active who became admins/sysops or whatever. Together they worked on the structure of the site. One was/is working on formats, provinces etc, the other (me) took care of a few project pages. You can now browse through the project-pages and see blue instead of red links and by clicking on them 95% of them are actually in Dutch. For a while these two clowns were the only ones contributing, but now you see more people showing up on a daily basis to share the knowledge they have. Articles aren't really big yet. When looking at the long pages list you'll see the following:

Article number 1 is 133.705 bytes (China)
Article number 50 is 6.460 bytes
Article number 100 is 3.313 bytes
Article number 250 is 604 bytes long

New Users: Apr 2007 : 14
Mar 2007 : 10
Feb 2007 : 15
Jan 2007 : 16
Dec 2006 : 11

But already 11 in May and we're only half way.

Future projects:

  • More formats, templates etc for easy writing of the articles
  • Get more travelers to write

Keep you posted. {3wisemen}