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Administrators are wikitravellers that have a responsibility to keep Wikitravel running, and thus some additional privileges over and above normal. Administrators have shown a good appreciation of the Wikitravel policies and guidelines and made significant contributions of Wikitravel articles.

Features only available to administrators[edit]

  • Deleting a page. Only administrators can permanently delete an article or file; see the Deletion policy for details.
  • Restoring deleted pages. Administrators can restore a page which has been deleted.
  • Deleting an image.
  • Protecting/unprotecting a page. An administrator can mark certain pages as protected; these pages can only be edited by other administrators. See the Protected page policy for details.
  • Blocking and unblocking IP addresses and users. If an IP address or a user account has been used for vandalism, and the perpetrator does not comply with given warnings, an administrator can block (and unblock) the user. This is a very very seldom used feature on Wikitravel Shared.

How administrators are selected[edit]

The decision to give these privileges to certain users is pragmatic. Most vandalism and other changes that don't conform to policy can be reverted or changed by more committed wikitravellers. Protection and deletion cannot; therefore, these privileges are only granted to certain users.

Note that plenty of longtime wikitravellers may not want the responsibility of being an administrator. Administrators are the plumbers and janitors of Wikitravel Shared, and have to do a lot of pointless busywork.

It's also important to remember that any user can edit, change, redirect, move, or otherwise muck with almost any article on Wikitravel. It's not really necessary to wait for an administrator to do some "administrative" work; in fact, it's best to just plunge forward and do the job yourself.

Becoming an administrator[edit]

If you think a wikitraveller -- including yourself! -- should become a Wikitravel Shared administrator, post their name on the administrator nominations page with a brief description of why the wikitraveller should have administrator privileges. After the deadline for discussion, a bureaucrat will grant them admin status given all requirements are fulfilled.

Ending administrator privileges[edit]

Unused high-privilege user accounts are a security risk. For this reason, administrators who don't use their user accounts for 3 months will be notified by email and their privileges will be revoked. Administrators who know they don't have the time or interest to continue as admins should request to have their privileges revoked voluntarily.

Administrators who abuse their privileges can have those privileges revoked by a bureaucrat.

After losing admin privileges for any reason, a wikitraveller must go through the nomination process again to regain those privileges.

Current administrators on Wikitravel Shared[edit]

You can see a list of current admins here. Administrators on the english and other language versions of Wikitravel are also administrators on Wikitravel Shared.

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