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  • <покупки название="Магазин 1" алт="Покупки 234" адрес="256 Цон ул." направление="Идите прямо" телефон="+1 310 422-5898" email="[email protected]" факс="+1 310 478-2345" url="[email protected]" открыт="MW 15:00-18:00" цена="$40">Описание.</покупки>
  • <помещения название="ывавыа" алт="фывафыва" адрес="234 ыва ыва" направление="фывафываф" телефон="234 234 234" email="[email protected]" факс="324 3465 456" url="http://sdfsdf.sdfsdfsdf.sdfsdfsdf.com" прописываться="4pm" выписываться="5pm" цена="$453">фывадфлыжвоа</помещения>

  • фывафыва (фывафыва), фывафываыва (фывафыва), +1 877 244-2246 (, fax: +1 877 244-2246), [1]. 7:30AM-7PM фываываыва. The city's main visitor information center is located on the Magnificent Mile in the historic Water Works. In addition to extensive free visitor materials, there is a popular gift shop inside. фыва $234.
  • Federal Reserve Bank Money Museum, 230 S LaSalle St (LaSalle/Van Buren Brown/Orange/Pink/Purple Line), +1 312 322-2400, [2]. M-F 9AM-4PM, except bank holidays. Currency wonks can study various denominations and practice counterfeit detections. Guided tours every day at 1PM. Free.  изменить
  • Lyric Opera of Chicago, 20 N Wacker Dr (Washington/Wells Brown/Purple/Pink/Orange Line), +1 312 332-2244, [3]. Extraordinary productions of major operas, in the impressive Civic Opera House, overlooking the river; local legend has it that the back-story behind business magnate Samuel Insull's decision to build it was the inspiration for the opera scenes in Citizen Kane. Although highly acclaimed today, there was a minor controversy among purists when they began to project English titles above the stage for non-English operas. Tickets start at $31 for weekdays and $42 for weekends.  изменить
  • Posters Plus, 200 S Michigan Ave (Monroe Red Line), +1 312 461-9277, [4]. Su 10:30AM-6PM, M-W,F 10AM-6PM, Th 10AM-7PM, Sa 9:30AM-6PM. The place to buy Chicago images of all shapes and sizes. Posters Plus works with researchers on the side and single-handedly keeps a selection of memorable vintage Chicago posters in print. They also partner with the Art Institute across the street. It's worth a stop to have a look around their gallery even if you don't plan to buy anything.  изменить
  • Russian Tea Time, 77 E Adams St, +1 312 360-0000 (fax: +1 312 360-0575), [5]. Su-Th 11AM-9PM, F-Sa 11AM-midnight. This is the place to try Russian cuisine in Chicago! Easily one of the best Russian restaurants in the world with an inventive menu and excellent management. Ask to be seated in the front section. Afternoon tea runs from 2:30-4:30PM. $22-$32.  изменить
  • Plymouth Restaurant & Bar, 327 S Plymouth Ct, +1 312 362-1212, [6]. Su-Th 11AM-11PM, F-Sa 11AM-midnight. The Plymouth Restaurant is merely an adequate cafe serving diner-style food, but come here instead for the rooftop bar. The atmosphere here is always overwhelmingly positive simply because the views are magnificent. Sipping a cocktail while gazing off the balcony at the Harold Washington Library and various Louis Sullivan masterpieces is a fine way to cap off a day of sightseeing.  изменить
  • The Palmer House Hilton, 17 E Monroe St, +1 312 726-7500, [7]. заезд: 22:00; выезд: 4PM. Bill Clinton's favorite hotel in town. The palace built by old Chicago magnate Potter Palmer for his socialite wife Bertha, overlooking State Street. This is actually the third version of The Palmer House — the first was opened two weeks before the Great Chicago Fire. (Can't beat that for timing.) The current hotel was designed by Holabird & Roche in 1920s. It's open, but covered in scaffolding for renovation at the moment. Rooms from $259.  изменить