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My name is Aleksandra and I am a new Online Community Specialist for Internet Brands in El Segundo, CA that owns Wikitravel. I am eager to start my journey as a Wikitravel's Administrator and happy to help all the Travelers with editing the site and making it better.

Originally I am from Poland but I used to live in France, Austria, Liechtenstein and right now in United States where I did my Master Studies in International Business. My home campus was San Francisco but I had a chance to participate in a Rotation Program and do part of my studies in Boston and Dubai which was an unforgettable experience for me. Traveling is one of my biggest passions and I would love to see as many new places as possible!

I am looking forward to working on Wikitravel with you. Please feel free to contact me on my English Talk page IBAlex.


Hi IBAlex ! I certainly understand your message ; I saw that you also wrote to my husband (mihai56) so , first of all , let me thank you for your messages.We both are passionate travelers and this is one of the reasons of our ( modest) contribution to this site. We will surely go on with this project whenever we shall have a little spare time , because we love the ideea.

Best regards ! Dana & Mihai

Hello Dana & Mihai! Thank you for your nice message! I'm happy to see new people on the Romanian Wikitravel! We would love to see more edits from you about the places you traveled to! I mainly work on the English version of the site but I'm a liaison for all the language versions so if you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me on my Talk Page. I'm here to help! I wish you both all the best! Cheers! IBAlex (discuție) 3 iulie 2013 22:18 (EEST)